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Monday, August 31, 2015

End of Summer

Thistle's summer is ending and first grade is beginning.  This is all going by so fast.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful, wonderful school for her. I still have some school supplies to get--she very much wants a Minnie Mouse backpack.  You'd think Disney items would be ubiquitious, but they are hard to find.  It's always a bit of a hunt, I suppose. 

Girl's clothing is also quite a story.  CG and I went to Target last year (he helps get her school clothes and other things, as I am on a fixed income) and we were appalled at some of the clothes: who gets a little girl skinny jeans, which I certainly think would totally inhibit playing and running, climbing, etc. I try to find conservative clothes for her, as all the little girls in her class wear.

She is so smart and so beautiful.  It is hard to be an adoptive grandparent.  CG is a good coparent, and it helps to have him take over when I need to have a break or go to dance class.  Still, I do a lot.  I get tired and sometimes frustrated when it is the end of the night and I am far too tired to write.  Her life is more important than mine, yet writing is my profession and a book like Asha's takes all of my strength and will, and creativity.  I don't know how women and men do anything creative at all with full-time work.  I can write any time, though, but someone like m. can't just lug a keyboard around with him to work in a spare minute.  It all sounds like a luxury, but really, creativity isn't.

Last school year, I slept in my car after dropping Thistle off, and finally resorted to just going back here to sleep, as the morning routine utterly exhausted me.  Hopefully she will be a little more cooperative this year. and I can tolerate getting up at 6: 30 a.m.   I am going to have a kind talk with her today about being on time.

I suppose this was a sobering summer in some ways.  My garden is finally blooming after such a poor presentation this summer.  I did not have to particularly change my watering, as I use so little anyways, even with a five-year-old. Still, the flowers had weird webs on them, and few flowers despite fertilizer, Epsom salts (good to replenish magnesium), and balky plants in general.  I think it has to do with the fact that they got so little water all winter.  Now I am getting a few roses.

I hope for more rain this year, and next Spring, many more flowers.