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Monday, September 28, 2015

When We Trust

I have pulled back a little, for just a few days, from the friend with whom I seem to be reconciling, a little.  I wrote and told him I will be refraining from commenting on his Facebook pictures for some time (I intend to be back on Wednesday unless he says otherwise).  He was on vacation, and I felt somehow intrusive last night with commenting on a set of pictures--he is home now and I  found myself weirdly feeling like I had to adjust to that and get my center back.  I wrote him an email and explained what I was doing, and the reason, and that I would be back to see his photos soon, that he could always contact me in other ways: gmail, Facebook messenger, phone, in person.  I made a vow a long time ago that I would never be unkind to him again.  I just made it clear that I need to find my center again.

Besides, I am on opiates (last day, I think) for a tooth extraction Friday and have been saying goofy things to people both on and offline--not a lot, but enough. I did not see the blood moon because I made a commitment to rest (I have seen a couple of other blood moons), but really enjoyed people's pictures.  I do hope to get back this week to working on the book, being present at the County building, where I feel I can work, and getting back to setting up interviews. It is easy to just stop in my tracks, and I do not want to.

Onward and upward.