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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Last Words Re: Francis and Kim Davis

I think the saddest thing which has come out of the Francis/Kim Davis event is how willing people are to believe, wholesale, what the Vatican says.  We all can believe that the Kim Davis camp could be lying (I sure would like to see more pictures of that--there are a handful which don't show much convincing evidence. There's Kim Davis and her husband in the embassy waiting room.  There's a picture, supposedly, of the van which took them there. They are cellphone pictures, though one of my friends told me that the Vatican photographers took photos and disallowed cellphones.  If there indeed are photos of her, the Vatican is never going to release them).

 I'd like to believe Mrs. Davis and friends are lying. I'm just not yet convinced about the Vatican. Why are people treating the Vatican as if it's the most honest source around about its doings?

Not one person in the meet-and-greet line (which Kim Davis was supposed to be in) has come forward to say they saw her.  That's odd to me. Surely someone would have known who she was.  I dare not talk about it publicly on Facebook--too many people defending His Holiness as the wonderful "pope of the people" whom I should embrace (even though I am not Catholic). I wouldn't do that anyways, because of his stance on the ordination of women and his canonization of Serra.  Besides, I'm not Catholic. As an ex-Catholic, I remain skeptical of the modern Church, which is not really modern in practice.

Of course the Vatican would distance themselves from Kim Davis.  What are they going to do, say they like what she stands for?  They have everything invested in saying that.

I'm puzzled why the headlines are also blazing suddenly with the private meeting between His Holiness and his friend in a same-sex marriage, as if that makes everything all better.  Good Lord.   Francis can meet with a former student and friend, be in the same room with him, give him a hug, and still condemn gay marriage as a mortal sin. I am tired of my friends saying that because he met a longtime friend who is gay and hugged him, Francis now changing his stance on gay marriage. It just shows he cares for his friend and respects him.  I would hate it to be a situation of "hate the sin and love the sinner"--which I find such a bizarre phrase, used often in the Church.

Anyways, if there is anything further to be revealed, it will be. Done.