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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Giving Yourself a Break

I had a dance performance at a local venue, The Crepe Place, which has bellydancing every Saturday.  No matter how much I practiced and practiced, I just seemed not to be able to get the choreography. There  is one young woman in the troupe who is kind but judgemental of me: I don't know if it is because I am older, or because she has a bossy streak, or what, but she often has a pickle face  when I perform with the troupe.  I made several mistakes during the performance, so I left without saying goodbye to anyone or socialize afterwards. Honestly, I didn't want to face this dancer. I'm many years her elder, and should be more mature about things, but I'm not, and that is just the size of it. I've nearly left the classes because of her, but I love my teacher and the dance style, so I do not want to leave, and will not.  I could have practiced more and not put a costume together at the last minute. I relied on an old costume which did not fit and had no time to put together another one.

I  realize that I live a privileged life and that fretting about dance classes is nothing compared to what people go through. However, it's such a major part of my life which also highlights how critical I am of myself.

Time to work on that, I suppose.