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Sunday, November 29, 2015


I have just come back from a long night of scrubbing walls in my Lompico house. Not the world's most glamorous job, but satisfying to know I can paint soon. I work into the late hours, listen to NPR (the only station I can pick up there), and work in a journal I keep there.

Tonight as I worked, I picked up, mentally, a thread to follow for Asha's book. I also realized I am neglecting this blog.

I am going to try an experiment and begin to write here every day. It is important to me for personal reasons, because the time seems to have come for me to be Scherezade and spin the story of my days out, a guy line to try and stay connected, to say, "I am present, this is my story, do not leave me behind."

So what is the first step to begin again? Let's see. Let's start with the present moment and go from there. I am looking out the window of my room right now. The trees can barely be seen, broken shapes against a very faint glow that may or may not be dawn on its way. At these times, the mind insinuates itself into the worst possibilities, fear of the deepest rejections, losses. In sleep, the dream world will replenish the thread, cast it back into my hands, and Scherazade will wake in me, weaving once again the story.