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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

I apologize to my faithful readers, as I have been away from this blog too long.  I will make concerted efforts to try and write every day.  Thank you to those who have inquired after me.  I appreciate you all more than I can say.

Like everyone in the world, I am saddened and sickened beyond human belief by the terrorist attacks in Paris. I have no real words to offer in solace except to encourage everyone to surround the people affected by this tragedy with hearts full of love.  It is all we can do right now.I pray that the terrorists responsible for this are brought to justice.

There are times I feel my efforts to do good in the world are a joke when events like this happen, that I am trying to catch a monsoon in a teacup.  Not one of us can change the world, but we can, as Mother Teresa said, "step forward with our little light."  I believe that any effort to work for peace and the greater good has an effect, even if we never really see, ultimately, how it happens.  Any act of kindness or compassion surely takes root and blooms somewhere.

Please hold the citizens of Paris in your hearts and prayers.