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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Terrorist Attacks, Paris, Part Two

I am appalled, as is the rest of the world, about not only the attacks in Paris, but in other countries: Beirut, Kenya...the list goes on.

Now France is retaliating against ISIS.  Will anything come of it?  ISIS seems to be the worst, most terrifying group I have heard of in my entire lifetime. They seem absolutely soulless, heartless.

And I realize that writing the above phrase, if I were not someone sitting in a warm bedroom in California, does not endanger my life.  Yet someone writing the above phrase could be killed in a country haunted by terrorists.

By the way, m. was renting a little studio apartment this summer when he stayed in Paris, working a little and enjoying the museums and sights.  It was literally around the corner from the cafe where many peoople were shot and killed a few days ago  (thankfully the owners did not get hurt).  He posted on Facebook a photo of the rose which was in the courtyard.  That rose meant more to me than any rose on the planet, and probably always will: across continents, time, and despite all the hell we put each other through, we began talking about how to care for the rose, which led to all our marvelous conversations (albeit online) through his trip, and perhaps baby steps to more healing someday.  The little rose seems emblematic now of the fragility of everything in the world.

I sorrow not only for the citizens of Paris, for the families and loved ones of those who were killed, but for all the horrors perpetrated on innocent people.  The world seems to be gorging like a tick on bloodshed and horror.  I do not seem to be able to find words of comfort for anyone, anywhere: but our love for one another and the good we can do for the people around us: it is significant and I must believe that even the smallest good will flower in the world, somehow, somewhere.