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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Ways of Silence

Something my years in Al-anon have taught me is that often, all you have to do is wait. If you don't try to force solutions, you may find that the people in your life who have recklessly harmed you and others, even outright criminals, come to justice in one way or another.  You may also get answers to baffling questions, solutions to problems you thought were simply impossible, and reconciliations that you never expected: a veritable treasure trove of circumstances which come about on their own, without you having to sweat a thing. In short, I don't control the universe, and the more I release that idea, the better my life is.  It takes faith and patience to wait and see.  The one who waits, the one who watches things unfold, maintaining conscious silence and a refrained stance, is often the one who gains everything.  It is almost as if something is out there that strives to maintain balance, and to hold back and let that "something" work, to believe it's going to do its work, is the heart of true faith, at least for me.