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Friday, January 15, 2016

Life is Long

Whenever I want something immediately, and really cannot figure out a way to have it (due to lack of resources, etc.), I've adopted a new phrase: "Life is long."  Even if I am disappointed in the outcome right in front of me, there is no reason to really believe something could never reverse in the future.  If you are alive on this earth right now, there is hope for every circumstance. The sister phrases are, "Time will tell," "wait," or sometimes, "bide your time," which is a bit more conscious in form.

By waiting, you can watch an empire topple in on itself, of its own accord. You've done nothing at all to make it happen.  You've just stood back, refused to get caught up in the mess, and watched the implosion.  This does not count for something terrible you witness, something you have an obligation to tell some authority.  This goes for other things, the tidal wave which may or may not come in.  We know what they are, and who they are. Just watch.  Time will tell.  In that interstice between waiting and refusing to create a crisis in a situation, Spirit works to bring about the consequences of all things.  A person with sick intentions can never keep up harm forever. The hardest part for me is when I have known that caring and trusting people, often an entire community, are getting the wool pulled over their eyes, for years. They happily bring a metaphorical bowl of milk to a cobra, as I have said elsewhere, thinking they see a kitten. There's nothing I can do or say: for various reasons (often due to the cobra's hypnotic influence on others: who would believe me?)

When things come to light, these people will hurt, badly, and question themselves, and wonder how on earth they could not have seen it....but they are not the ones at fault.  The one who spins the web: that is one one at fault.  Even the strongest web can break, and well.  It is the hubris of the spider to think the web will last for all time. It is the strength of the seer to not be deceived, to look straight into the eyes of the cobra as it spreads its spectacled hood.  In true knowing is strength, even acceptance.

Life is long.  Bide your time.  Just wait. Just wait.