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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Look It Up

I so wish that some Facebook users would learn to look up information, research "news" stories, and refrain from posting hysterical responses to dubious news information until they find out whether what they are reading is true.  It's easy to look most things up on Snopes, or take ten minutes and do some real research.  I know everyone is not like me (I can meticulously spend hours on research, which I learned to do in graduate school), but ten or fifteen minutes might be fruitful so as not to disseminate false information over primary social media. We already have enough of that in the world.  By the way, I've done this, too, but hopefully no more.

I also am not fond of the fake "Buddha says" stuff in particular on Facebook--I would wager that Buddha did not say 99.9 percent of the things attributed to him on social media!  Here is a useful site, which has many areas to explore:

Fake Buddha Quotes, and Some Which Might Be Real

In other words, question!