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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Awful and Good, and Dance

I apologize yet again to my readers.  I have many loyal readers out there, and I really like to communicate about my life, the progress of Asha's book, and everything else.

I am going through enormous stress on the home front.  Nobody is ill; nobody is dying; finances are okay, but my household remains under a lot of pressure and anxiety.  I hope it is resolved soon, positively, for all involved. I intend to keep up from now on, even if it's to show off my sewing projects, though I intend to write of other things, and to talk about what I'm doing with Asha's book).

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pictures from my first bellydance solo.  The photos are by Daev Roher, one of our wonderful photographers in the Santa Cruz community.

Though I do not want to focus on my weight, the photo where I am doing a mudra and posing is of me at a weird angle, and my choli, stiff and somewhat weighty, is off to the side a little. In sum, I look bigger than I really am.  I wish I could get off the weight thinking (sort of borderline obsession, like many women, unfortunately). At this point, what I want to get to is being light enough weight-wise to not put further stress on my knees as a dancer.

The photographer caught me in mid-floreo, which is why my hands look that way.

So, here I am, and here I will stay.