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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Voting for Sanders or Clinton, Part Two

My friends, I forgot to say in my last post about the election that I will support 100 percent the Democratic candidate for President, no matter what.
 And I am not going to be a whiney-baby "protester" and refrain from voting if my candidate of choicr loses the nomination in my state. You might as well cast a vote for the Republican candidate if you do that.

And please research news sources you post in support of your candidate of choice, especially with memes and articles posted on the eternal Facebook. Make sure they are not authored by organizations you do NOT want to support.

I do these things, too (last night I inadvertantly posted a picture of Earth as taken by the Hubble telescope. I am a very, very amateur astronomer and should know better). My friend told me to check Snopes. My bad: erase.