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Monday, April 04, 2016

Voting: Sanders or Clinton

I dare not reveal which candidate I am voting for, lest Santa Cruz's peaceful hippies get in my face with idiotic, unresearched, knee-jerk-accepted "facts."

One of the few things I'm proud of about myself is my ability to sit and do hours of research for my book, which translates to researching the information on Facebook. ANYONE can take five minutes to at least go on to see if their "urgent news story" has been debunked. I'm guilty of this, too, but realized long ago that if I post an hysterically-driven story on Facebook and then post a redaction as a comment, people are likely not to read that. Then they spread the bogus news story, which is picked up by others, and so on. Thus, the research, which generally takes about ten minutes, tops.

I am not voting for Trump. That should suffice, and that is all.