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Sunday, May 22, 2016

A House Divided Against Itself

 Interesting Sanders interview with George Stephanopoulos in which he says that the
American people feel that Hillary Clinton is "the lesser of two evils" (the other one is Trump). This is unfair: why, then, is Hillary close to cinching the nomination if people think this of her and are choosing her over Sanders?

I have enormous respect for Bernie Sanders.  I will wholeheartedly vote for him should he have a Hail Mary pass at the last minute  and I shan't say a bad word against him at that point. I'm perfectly fine with humble pie.  Sanders has a record of doing tremendous good in his long political career. I love his promises (even though he hasn't convinced me one bit as to where he is going to get all the money to do this).  I wish that I could believe in his words.  However, I have heard enough hot air in my life that I feel suspicious of Sanders at this point.

 In my opinion, Sanders is devolving into the guy at the poker table who has no idea when to fold his cards. I think he should gracefully step down as soon as it is clear that Hillary Clinton has the nomination.  Anything else would be sheer vanity on his part.  He has the absolute right to take his campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention. At some point, he has to fold, though, and get wholeheartedly behind Clinton (heck, Clinton may even ask him to be her running mate, which would be a very shrewd move on her part).

Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is the lone candidate who can stand up to Donald Trump and defeat him. I believe she will continue with the slow and steady progress forward which the Obama administration has set in motion. She will be far from a "bad" president. I wish the people I knew who hate her so much would peruse fact checking sites and read some unbiased information about the attacks on her and all the questionable issues. I believe she can go mightily against the Trump Juggernaut, with coolness, iron grace, and strength, and send that jerk back to financing beauty pageants.

UPI has a good article on Sanders and unifying the Democratic Party.  I sure hope he is thinking about these things.  It has been said that a house divided against itself will not stand.  That is a timely statement right now.