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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hilary vs. Bernie, Part 3

Still can't find the meme someone (anonymously) sent me (assuming I am some sort of traitor for not voting for THEIR candidate--even though I could very well be voting for Bernie Sanders. It's this sort of knee-jerk craziness that bothers me about the Bernie camp).  I've included the picture at the bottom, which I have captioned, though the words were written in white on the original picture (which made me think of an athletic supporter--you will see why--but no matter).  I think the meme is vile and stupid.  It was sent to me by someone in my area; that is all I know.

My decision to not tell anyone who I am voting for, and not indicating one way or the other (by not going on and on about one candidate or other), has been a social experiment of sorts.

 It's enlightening to observe the peaceful and compassionate Sanders supporters act like a pack of rabid dogs against Clinton. I have never heard such vile language towards her, nor such absolute disrespect (and, of course, volleys of  unresearched facts that people see on Facebook and just throw out there as true.  Snopes is your good friend in terms of verifying what is said about both Sanders and Clinton).

Quite a few of the peaceful hippies of Santa Cruz (btw, I am at least sort of a hippie) have really shown their true colors in this way: petty, sexist, cruel, unable to entertain anyone else's viewpoint, and absolutely divisive.  I appreciate the few--very, very few--Sanders supporters who are courteous and willing to weigh the arguments of both candidates, calmly, rationally, and reasonably.  I've met two so far (just kidding, but these really are in the minority.

Next part of my personal social experiment: everyone I meet just assumes I am voting for Bernie Sanders.  Granted, I've said nothing at all about my choice of candidate (for all they know, I am voting for Sanders), but everyone I know--and I mean everyone--just assumes this by virtue of the fact that I live in Santa Cruz.  Not one person assumes I am voting for Hilary (though apparently the ones who think I am, feel free to send me pictures like the one at the end of this post).

I should think that, given my experience, the caption for the following picture could easily be reversed, given  my current experiences in my little corner of the world.

In future, I do not want pictures like this sent to me.  Thanks.