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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Politifact re: Nevada Convention

I liked this article (and Politifact, a well-respected fact-checking site) and will be posting fact-checking articles from time to time on this blog. My peaceful hippie friends may key my car after this post, but no matter.

Clarification about peaceful hippie friends: these are the people in my life who congratulate themselves on being progressive in thought and deed, but whose actions and things they say are consistently hateful, all the way up to being abusive in some way. I call them peaceful hippies as irony.  Keying my car is an all-purpose joke, but I would not put it past a couple of them. My relatives who support Trump might do well to go to fact-checking sites also.  One of them, when I asked them to provide me with their source, said, "I don't need to prove my facts.  What I say is true." 

Here is a fact-check of the recent Nevada convention:

You can check more facts by going straight to the site: