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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Setting In The West

Just a correction: Sanders has the right to remain in the campaign for as long as he wishes. My hope is for him to graciously step down (maybe at the convention) and work hard to help unify the party. We have a monster named Trump to defeat.

The Sanders campaign is setting in the west.  Sanders is a great guy who needs to realize it's over, that he fought a good fight, and when he loses the nomination, should wholeheartedly support Hillary Clinton and get behind the hard work to defeat Trump.  I have a feeling Sanders is not going to do this, and will create enormous division within the Democratic party.  He is a good man, and yet I feel he is now showing himself to (perhaps) be an egotist who will no know when to call in his chips.

Peaceful hippie friends, please do not come and key my car over my opinion here. There is a time when you have to accept loss graciously, stop dithering about nonexistent conspiracies, and stand behind the Democratic candidate when this is decided. It's very likely not going to be Sanders, sorry to say.  If he has some sort of Hail Mary moment at the last minute and becomes the nominee, I am happy to  stand by him 100 percent.  But it looks like this is not in the cards.

Some strong words now: if you decide to be a whiny little baby and "protest with your vote" by writing yourself, or Sanders, as a candidate, or pout in the corner and not vote at all because Sanders lost, then you might as well vote for Trump and make ready for the Fourth Reich.  Protest some other way, but please don't roll out a red carpet for The Fuhrer.

I considered Sanders for a long time.  I really did.  I ignored Facebook "news" and did a lot of my own research about both candidates. was very helpful in debunking crap about both the candidates.  One has to go about these things calmly and with painstaking consideration. My conclusion was that Sanders is promising pie in the sky and his rhetoric has increasingly devolved into attacks on Hilary Clinton. These deflect from answering just HOW he will bring all his massive changes to pass. This I still want to know.


Madam President, you have my vote and my support.  You are the ONLY one who has the ghost of a chance to defeat one of the most evil, bigoted men to ever run for the Presidency. And I pray that every Democrat sees the urgency of our need to hang together as a party: else we hang separately, as they say.