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Thursday, June 02, 2016

What Has Been Brought Forth

I have been away for a bit again, just recharging the batteries.

Yesterday I went to a local church to use the bathroom (am on friendly terms with the church). It is located in a hallway just outside the sanctuary.  There is a message board on the wall between the bathrooms.  It contains announcements of church activities, etc.

But there was a new one posted there: a large, pastel purple sign with a line drawing of a woman in a hijab.  The caption was, "All Are Welcome Here."

Has our country come to this, that we have to post signs in a church for something that should be a given? Trump has given permission for all the monsters among us, greater and lesser, to rear out of the closet and, with perverse pride, let their sickness be heard.  It reminds me of the era in which I grew up: pre-civil rights. And tRump encourages it more and more every day.

It's like someone opened a grave and unleashed a river of maggots.

When a church has to post that it is a sanctuary for everyone, that signals the beginning of an end that we must suppress by defeating Trump.

Please, no "Bernie or bust."  You might as well go vote for Trump.  Put your pride aside and think of someone other than yourself: think of younger generations who will spend eight years of their life under a fascist, racist, boor who has no idea how to run a country.