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Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump Really Is Evil...Really

After a long absence, I am back.  We  are still battling The Tangle, but it is much diminished and the household is happier.

Adolf Trump...oops...Mussolini....oops, the GOP candidate.  They  have quite the nerve to invoke Lincoln constantly.  One wishes for a new movie: "Abraham Lincoln: Fascist Hunter."

So, part of my postings will discuss Mr. Trump as a dangerous, evil man who wishes to be America's First Dictator.  Some time ago, the laughing ended about his orange fake tan, which is the exact color of those orange marshmallow circus peanuts, and the nasty hot air constantly belching out of his mouth.  He has fattened on the adulation of his supporters like a tick; like a tick, he doesn't let go.  And I can't say anything better than this writer on DailyKos.  I urge you to take a minute and read it, and consider what it says.  Do we want this man in office?

Time to Stop Being Polite (re: Trump)