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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Great Debate: Go Hillary!

I apologize again for having been away from this blog.  I have been dealing with difficult family issues, again.  And again.  And yet again. Meanwhile Thistle is happy, healthy, taking afterschool classes in art, French, and drawing.  I am proud of her.

At any rate, Secretary Clinton knocked Donald out of the park last night.  I have absolutely no doubt now that she will be cool, calm, rational, and collected in the face of whatever our troubled society, and world, can and will throw at her.

Donald was a blustering fool. No other way to say it. There is not one thing any last remaining Trump supporters have to offer in terms of how she performed except to post ridiculous memes on Facebook.  She had a lapel mic, as did Trump, which is controlled by a wireless setup that a person wears under their clothing.  There was a picture of this setup under the back of her suit. The explanation by Trump supporters is that this was a setup to feed answers into her ear via a mic in her earring.  Another interesting meme was that Lester Holt (a registered Republican) is a "Hillary shill" becauuse he didn't ask "hard questions." I'm he was able to ask any questions AT ALL with that windbag talking over him and blowing hot air over his alloted minutes.

She's our next President, and whatever her flaws, she will serve us well. I am at least no longer afraid of a re-enactment of The Road under Trump (who wouldn't escape either, but I certainly wouldn't give HIM my last can of fruit cocktail if I saw him walking down a road covered with ash after the nuclear war he started).