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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Before I start dithering on, I want to apologize to my faithful readers for being out of the frame for the month of March. I've really had no reason except that I had to get a nonfiction book proposal and the manuscript of Asha's book (as much as I have, that is) together and sent off. No idea what will come of it, but it was good to get it done...and interesting to note how much work it took.

I've been reflecting tonight on the big changes I've been dealing with regarding people in my life, specifically losing people to death, moving away, retiring, etc. I'm a very bad Zen practitioner in that I do not do well with change...even though change is the essence of life, I often feel that I want to stop time, to have a moment to catch my breath.

Perhaps my entire life as a writer has been simply trying to catch and preserve a moment, an image, or what-have-you.

At any rate, the time is very late and I have to be up tomorrow to go to the DMV. I have a moment to share from the times I've been to the DMV: one worker had about a billion Beanie Babies on her desk; her computer terminal looked like a decorator crab!

I promise I will try to get back to my daily posts. I appreciate all my readers who come to my little corner of the Internet.