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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

On Walking and Writing

As someone with children in my life for whom I provide care (I am an adoptive grandparent and also babysit my other granddaughter), it has been hard to pick back up some of my writing routines. I am blessed to live in a beautiful rural area, with a nearby creek, redwood forests, birds, animals (including bobcats and mountain lions, seen quite rarely), deer, and wild turkeys. It is a wonderful thing to take a walk down my road.

Walking has always been an essential part of my writing life. It's as if there has been a great fall-apart in the last few years, beginning with my granddaughter's arrival in my life, of the writing routines which really worked for me. This included really slacking off on my walking; even five minutes a day helped me to collect my thoughts and return to the page.

So, this month, I am going to re-commit to walking before writing (in the day: I don't walk in the middle of the forest at night!). It really does help to clear my mind of cobwebs, even though nothing seems to quash my lack of confidence, which died in November 2013 after a horrible incident and subsequent years of grieving. What a massive rupture that tore into my life! The confidence returns, little by little, but it is different now: I will not be the same person again. Still, the passage of time remakes everyone in ways large and small.

So, I will try to make some progress by walking, even if it's five minutes a day, and see if it improves my ability to sit down at the eternal page and work.