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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Leaves Slide Down

The above is titled as such because I've always thought that leaves really seem to slide down the air, not fall.

This has been a tough year. My father died, as well as three of my dearest friends. I had a couple of professional losses which were real disappointments. I seriously injured my right rotator cuff and am looking at physical therapy first, an MRI if that doesn't help the problem, and then beyond that, other interventions

 I have a performance at the end of the month with Dancers of the Crescent Moon. My other troupe...not sure I will be back up to speed for some time. It's frustrating...have heard that surgery means you can be regaining strength and ability in the shoulder for at least a year. To have something impact me like this with the dancing I love: wow. Never saw that one coming.

This has definitely been a time of falling for me, literally and figuratively!