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Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Gs

Before I explain what the "3 Gs" are, I wanted to talk about the obvious:  I've been working on my blog layout, playing with different options, and have done 99 percent of this without the resident computer genius (he really is--he went to CalTech at age sixteen).  I had to ask him to help me with one small bit of code, as I have forgotten even the simple html code that Blogger sometimes requires.

I have got a contact box now (to send me messages), and a few other gadgets in the sidebar.  I'm really proud of the way the blog looks now.  I will still be tinkering with it in the next few days, so please bear with the construction.

I wanted to share an Al-Anon slogan in tandem with today's Daily Word, which is entitled "Pray for Others" and states that, "In my prayers, I behold Divine Perfection."  I pray daily even though there are times it is very difficult to behold Divine Perfection when I feel I am just hanging on by a thread.  I am not a saint by any measure of that word:  I will ALWAYS be a work-in-progress and strive every day to do less harm and more good, though I fall short of that more often than I care to admit in public!

Still, in Al-Anon, we are told to pray for the troublesome people in our lives, turn then over to God's will, see them as fellow human beings on a life journey just as we are, and to apply the "3 Gs" to help detach from the alcoholics: "Get off his Back, Get out of their way, Get on with your own life." I think a combination of the 3 Gs and also prayer, especially for the difficulties and difficult people, helps me to detach and make a clear channel--of grace, light, inner peace, whatever you want to call it.  The Quakers call it "peace at the center".

I have not read today's lesson for the Course in Miracles, but am working on that every day.  And...I am feeling that I have adjusted to my chemotherapy:  I am getting more and more functional, have less to no "hairfall", and the debilitating nausea is gone.  My doctor told me my body would adjust and it has (unfortunately, I cannot be taken off Imuran or any further chemo until I achieve a full remission, which can happen with lupus.  I've been in remission before and then overloaded myself with stress and work so it became active again).

Thistle wants to play "school" (it's her day off and we have been playing school all day--I'm "Grandma Teacher" and she is "Granddaughter Student".

Thank you for visiting here today--nothing really earth-shattering going on, just that I am doing well today.