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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Dragonfly Cap

After a particulary big mass of hair came out in brushing and combing today, and after a look at my hair from the back in the mirror (using another mirror), I discovered that I have an even bigger bald spot at the back of my head which I did not see.  I went to CVS and got a couple of wide lace headbandy scarf things that cover the whole top of my head (CG says I look like a cute pirate, but I think I Iook like an old Italian lady selling bread in the marketplace).  The scarfy headbandy things work well and don't upset Thistle too much (she does not like to see Grandma looking too different).  I also ordered a "chemo cap" (modeled on a surgical hat) which is cute and looks like I can adjust it and such.  It is in this fabric.  Of course.

Thistle and I listened to her favorite "ocean waves" bedtime music.  She snuggled up to me, a warm dumpling in her cute blue kitty jammies, and reached up to touch my headwrap very gently.  She said, "Grandma, you are pretty," and gave me a kiss.  She is such a little sweet rosebud.  Life is becoming good even in the midst of unbearable sadness and too-swift changes.