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Monday, April 07, 2014

Jerry Sandusky, Touched.

I was astounded to find that Jerry Sandusky, the poster boy for those who prey on underage people, wrote an autobiography entitled Touched, and that this was used to help the prosecution uncover evidence about him.  Seriously, truth is way stranger than fiction sometimes.

Sandusky is a master at two things in his attempt to cover his tracks: blowing smoke (as in putting up a smokescreen)  and shifting the blame for his crimes onto his victims, their parents, or whatever else he can use to absolve himself.  The New Yorker ran a great article on this in 2012, called In Plain View: How Child Molesters Get Away With It, featuring Sandusky, which can be found here:

In Plain View

And also, the collateral damage:

I am so glad to be wrapping up my research on this for my book...I do not want to dwell on these subjects further, as they make me want to bathe ten times a day to get rid of the sense of real nastiness.  Still, if I find pertinent information on helpful resources, I will post them on this blog from time to time.