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Monday, July 14, 2014

Ordinary Day

I was grateful for a quiet, calm day...went to my dentist to get a crown replaced; had a good cup of coffee; picked up Thistle from preschool and had snack with Thistle and the kids there. They told me about their dreams, but of course each one upped the ante: one said she dreamed of unicorns with tattoos; the next one dreamed said she dreamed of unicorns with diamonds and flowers on it.

One recovery tool I will be using in this blog often is a short gratitude list. This is one of the best writing tools I know for helping to get a more positive attitude. Sometimes mine are very simple.

Gratitude List:

1) I woke virtually pain free this morning.
2) My hair loss is slowing down.
3) Thistle is safe and thriving.
4) I have all my basic needs: clean water, good food, etc.
5) My financial situation is better and some needed repairs on my home are getting done.
6) My health all around has gotten better.
7) I am dancing, still

Seven things!