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Monday, July 21, 2014


Looking upon the magnificent-hearted brother of the person in question as he wished his wife a happy birthday (his wife is a wonderful woman and a great parent, as is he), I reflected upon how the person in question never complimented me, never made an effort to know me, made fun of my writing and pretty much the entire body of English literature, would announce to a group of strangers writing with us for nanowrimo that my daughter was in jail (which is true, but still...she is doing much better now, though she still has a long way to go)....well, you have to wonder why two brothers out of three would get all the kindness, effectiveness, humor, patience, and stability, like there was not enough to go around or something. I really did ask for a few compliments, support with my writing, etc--I tried not to be demanding or ask what he could not give...but really, there was nothing, though plenty of criticism.

I AM glad the person in questions's family loves him...he has his good points too. Still, I am left wondering why the gene for respecting women really didn't go all the way around. Maybe it is there--I think I saw it sometimes--but it is not enough to just show love and respect at the beginning....

In other news, Thistle and I had to hike through the woods today, as our road was blocked by people from the water company repairing a broken pipe...water is even more important in a drought, and now we have lost more.