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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rose For An Angel

I found and planted a miniature yellow rose for Angel Devi Rose, the baby I miscarried in December 2009.  I found the yellow rose at Safeway, as I know they carry miniatures there. It was the very last yellow one.  I then went into the drugstore next door to try and find a pot. They had none (I did find one at another store), but the minute I walked in, the following song started playing over the store speakers (sorry about the idiotic ads that appear right at the beginning of the song):

Needless to say, that was really quite strange. I have not heard that song in YEARS, and suddenly here it was, playing as I entered the store for something to honor my lost baby.

I did find a cute pot at Rite Aid, though the selection was very sparse.  I planted the rose and stood in it a silver metal angel charm her papa gave me as a present (as well as a peace sign and a Buddha). I wanted to honor him too, as this little life was ours, not just mine, and should never have been kept secret.  Planting this really, really helped me; I felt sad and had tears, but there was also a sense of truly honoring this life and this time in my life also.

And so it is.

One more song for her.