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Friday, August 01, 2014

Film of Coalinga State Mental Hospital

Several people come to this blog looking for Louis Theroux's documentary on Coalinga State Mental Hospital, which houses dangerous sex offenders who cannot be incorporated back into society (they can get out if they are considered to no longer be dangerous, but very few get out of there).  The video link I had before does not work, so here is a new one.

This is a graphic video (the molesters describe their acts, which is intensely disturbing.  Also, it is VERY triggering).  I still feel my stomach turn as I hear the men's denial.  Why on earth would anyone follow such insane urges?

I do believe there are pedophiles who really are trying to get help and would not hurt a child, but these guys are definitely not in that crowd.  Their denial and anger is really frightening.

Please watch at your own discretion.  I feel it is an important video to learn about these guys.