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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


This time of drought is very scary right now--a powerline came down and blocked the main road here, and there was a small fire.  This was quickly put out, but the fire danger is so high now.  The power went out until around four in the morning.  Thistle got hyped beyond belief by our need to light the house with candles.  Finally, I gave her a little tin lantern with a handle, which I got aeons ago at the White Raven coffeeshop in Felton. The lantern is blue, painted with red and yellow birds, and has star cutouts all over it.  I put a tiny flashlight in the lantern and she was able to be my helper without burning the house down.

I went up and did more work in my house in Lompico, and starting prepping it for the winter.  CG has offered to sweep off the roof and make sure it is winterized.  I want to be up there much more than I have...I miss it.  This house I am in now will always be Thistle's home, but CG and I are getting on each other's nerves and the less I am in his hair, and the more I am in my own space, the better. We are committed, no matter what, to raising Thistle in the healthiest environment possible, and I admire him for this, very much.  No matter what, her life is much healthier and happier than had she stayed where she was.

Something I need to do for the book is really sit and record exactly how the light looks right now, how the air feels (very dry--my cheeks are always windburnt), and how dusty the ground is--it was so in 2006 also.  Time stopped for Asha in September 2006 and I will need to remember this as winter comes in.

I just thought of something, sadly: Richard and Asha Veil never got to go trick-or-treating with their little girl.  What kind of costume might Asha have made for Anina...a fairy?  A princess?  Maybe one of those cute toddler costumes, a bee or a pumpkin.  I am seeing Anina everywhere in children her age. I am so hesitant to approach Richard and also Asha's family.  I can't blame them if they can't bear to be interviewed...I plan to approach them with kindness.

One thing: when I found Asha's mother on Facebook, I was startled to see how much they resemble each other, down to the head tilt (Asha seemed to tilt her head as part of her expression).  Plus, her mother loves music--I mean, serious music--and I can see why Asha pursued a music degree.

Anyways, I am off to dance, and am glad for the respite tonight.