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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Madyson Middleton's Memorial Service

I went to Maddy Middleton's memorial service yesterday, and felt it was a strong tribute to a wonderful young girl and her family.  I hope that people still check in and help Maddy's mother and family, as their grief will go through many stages and they will need continued support. 

As much as I tried not to, I could not help think of Maddy's last hour of life at times, especially as I saw her many photos.  I pray she was unconscious, for she was not dead when she was placed in the recycling bin,  but died of "positional asphyxia".  It sickens me: when I looked at pictures of her, I wondered why people are born into this world only to be killed by others, and in ways that boogle the mind for sheer cruelty.

I keep thinking of the times Maddy and Thistle playing in the playground at the Tannery, how cute Maddy was with her in the few times they played together. I think of Thistle telling AJ Gonzalez (the young man who killed Maddy) that she had a yo yo at home.  Maddy was such a small child, and the thought of what he did to her haunts me, and sickens me, and strengthens my resolve to work in whatever way I can to help make this world safer in some way.

There is a good article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about the memorial service here: