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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I wanted to print a gentle retraction about something I said yesterday regarding my old writing group and their ability to deal with my book.  M. is the one who writes vampire stories, and weirdly, they are not violent in the degree that some of those books are.  I know that he might be glad to help me with Asha's book, though it would be painful for him on multiple levels, which is why I have not pointed him in the direction of it online.  A. could handle it, and so could H.  I worry only about K. and C. because of the violent subject matter.

But it doesn't  matter, as I don't know if I will ever work with them again.  I just wanted to let my audience know that I thought about it last night and felt I was being unfair.

At any rate, Thistle has her first day of first grade today, and suddenly I have time to write.  And write I will.