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Saturday, February 06, 2016

House and Other Things

I just wanted to let my readers know that, though my childhood home in the San Fernando Valley was razed to make room for condominiums, I was able to find some pictures of it online, via a not-so-frequently-updated map site.  I was very, very glad.

My next topic is about a difficulty for me.  In one of my classes, a young woman apparently left the area because of an abusive marriage, taking her child with her.  I was surprised to see her walk into class last week.  One of my friends talked to her after class about what was going on, and I was heartbroken to hear this young woman say things like:

He pushed me and screamed at me, and started hitting my arms.  But he's never done anything like that before.

He says he will change.

I know that I can help him change.

It was just a little argument.

How I fear for this young woman! How many times I said such minimizing things in my own situation, in different forms, but always the same soft-heartedness and willingness to forgive the very destruction of my mind, heart, body, and spirit.  I have no idea of the person I might have become, of the mother I might have been to my children, or how well I might have been in body and mind if I had not had to live though those things, beginning in my early twenties.

I do not want that outcome for her, but given how sweet and soft-hearted she is, I fear for her. I am glad she is at least in a large circle of women, many of whom have been through a lot of life and can counsel her.