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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Donald Trump and the Nazi Salute

Please note that the video contains offensive symbols presented in a song from Cabaret's film and stage version. It reflects the setting and overall anti-Nazi message of both the film and play. I do not endorse these symbols in any way and present them here for the purposes of parody.

In consideration of Donald Trump's continued metamorphosis into The Fuhrer, I thought I might suggest a new campaign song for him. It would be quite appropriate next time he asks his devotees to raise their right arms to salute him and pledge their loyalty. Tunes from musicals are always catchy and Cabaret also has that edgy feel of a society about to experience massive change, whuch should tickle The Donald's fancy no end. I hope Mr. Trump considers my suggestion, and I'm grateful to be able to to post this well in advance of a possible Trump presidency, before my First Amendment rights are curtailed.