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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Thank You, Mr. Suprun

As I have often said in this blog, I am 57 years old and have lived through many presidential administrations in this country.  When I was able to vote and became politically aware, I greeted each new administration with a certain set of emotions.  Some presidents I opposed, actively. But I anticipated none of these presidents with the horror, fear, disgust, and downright sickness as I do with Donald J. Trump, our incoming real estate developer who might or might not sleep in the White House, preferring his gold-flake mansion.  Never have I seen a president-elect met with massive protests,  and denunciation from so many sides, including members of his own party and heads of foreign countries. I have never heard of a candidate who was warned by a foreign power--in this case, Germany--that they will cooperate with an incoming president as long as he upholds the principles of democracy and human rights.

As a woman, I find it unconscionable that any woman--or any man who claims to respect women--voted for this witless despot.  Personally, I would never vote for any candidate who was endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists, or who said that he liked sexually assaulting women (groping women's genitals), or encourages violence at his rallies--and these are just a few things he's done, and doesn't include his actions post-election!  He twitters along about the cast of Hamilton delivering a respectful speech, impressions of him on Saturday Night Live, threatens, pouts, and poses. Dan Rather suggested that he put down his cell phone and start attending security and intelligence briefings, something in which Trump has shown disinterest, saying he already knows what he needs to know. He casts a blind eye to the hate crimes committed in his name. Daily, it becomes clearer that this man is unfit for office in any way. 

Happily, at least there are voices of dissent in the Electoral College, soon to cast their votes. One elector has quit, citing that he cannot, in good conscience, cast a vote for Trump.  Six other electors will also dissent and cast votes for a candidate other than Trump.  Today another elector, Christopher Suprum, who served as a firefighter during 9/11, said that he, too, will cast a dissenting vote. I will leave you with his full statement here, but not before I remind my faithful readers that the Electoral College was created so that a person unsuited for the presidency, up to a despotic character such as Mr. Trump, would not take office.  We may only have his words to hold as a candle in the encroaching darkness, but it's worth it to say that we tried.

Charles Suprun, Dissenting Elector Statement