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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Yes and No

1) No, I will not be going to see Bernie Sanders when he comes to Santa Cruz.
2)No, I will not listen to arguments from friends as to why I should vote for Sanders.
3) No, I do not believe "the system is rigged" against Sanders.
4) Yes, I think Donald Trump is a loathsome little bully who can't even peddle crappy steaks.
5) Yes, I believe racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc., will vote for Trump. When Trump loses, at least we will know who these people are.
6) Yes, I believe certain of my relatives are racist, homophobic, misogynist, paranoid, etc. I worry about their amassing of guns to "defend their rights." I worry about my younger relatives being exposed to such craziness.
7) No, I am not voting for Clinton because she is a woman.

Monday, May 23, 2016

We're Not Asleep, Bernie!

If you follow my blog, you know that I am voting for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate. I was briefly for Sanders, but am not voting for him. So are many, many Democrats. Voting for Clinton does not mean I am selling out to anything. It means that I believe she will derail the Trump Train and also will be a strong President who will not undo all the good things accomplished by the Obama administration: much more so than Sanders, who is showing  himself to be downright mean and divisive, and he will take these qualities to the convention.

Great article in Salon today about Sanders and the people who have chosen to vote for Clinton:

No Dummies Here, Bernie

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Rude Pundit re: Party Unity

I tend towards liking the things which The Rude Pundit has to say, and want to share an article.  I believe he is saying something quite timely at this point in the game:

A House Divided Against Itself

 Interesting Sanders interview with George Stephanopoulos in which he says that the
American people feel that Hillary Clinton is "the lesser of two evils" (the other one is Trump). This is unfair: why, then, is Hillary close to cinching the nomination if people think this of her and are choosing her over Sanders?

I have enormous respect for Bernie Sanders.  I will wholeheartedly vote for him should he have a Hail Mary pass at the last minute  and I shan't say a bad word against him at that point. I'm perfectly fine with humble pie.  Sanders has a record of doing tremendous good in his long political career. I love his promises (even though he hasn't convinced me one bit as to where he is going to get all the money to do this).  I wish that I could believe in his words.  However, I have heard enough hot air in my life that I feel suspicious of Sanders at this point.

 In my opinion, Sanders is devolving into the guy at the poker table who has no idea when to fold his cards. I think he should gracefully step down as soon as it is clear that Hillary Clinton has the nomination.  Anything else would be sheer vanity on his part.  He has the absolute right to take his campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention. At some point, he has to fold, though, and get wholeheartedly behind Clinton (heck, Clinton may even ask him to be her running mate, which would be a very shrewd move on her part).

Hillary Clinton, in my opinion, is the lone candidate who can stand up to Donald Trump and defeat him. I believe she will continue with the slow and steady progress forward which the Obama administration has set in motion. She will be far from a "bad" president. I wish the people I knew who hate her so much would peruse fact checking sites and read some unbiased information about the attacks on her and all the questionable issues. I believe she can go mightily against the Trump Juggernaut, with coolness, iron grace, and strength, and send that jerk back to financing beauty pageants.

UPI has a good article on Sanders and unifying the Democratic Party.  I sure hope he is thinking about these things.  It has been said that a house divided against itself will not stand.  That is a timely statement right now.

And Now For Something Nice: A Rose

My roses are doing very well this year, though I did not prune them as well as I ought to have.  Here is my first bloom on my Gertrude Jekyll rose,  It is a very intense pink rose.  I do not know if there is a Mr. Hyde rose, which would be quite an interesting  pairing. I want to get away from my angry political posts; this election season is simply horrible: but roses remain steady.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Politifact re: Nevada Convention

I liked this article (and Politifact, a well-respected fact-checking site) and will be posting fact-checking articles from time to time on this blog. My peaceful hippie friends may key my car after this post, but no matter.

Clarification about peaceful hippie friends: these are the people in my life who congratulate themselves on being progressive in thought and deed, but whose actions and things they say are consistently hateful, all the way up to being abusive in some way. I call them peaceful hippies as irony.  Keying my car is an all-purpose joke, but I would not put it past a couple of them. My relatives who support Trump might do well to go to fact-checking sites also.  One of them, when I asked them to provide me with their source, said, "I don't need to prove my facts.  What I say is true." 

Here is a fact-check of the recent Nevada convention:

You can check more facts by going straight to the site:


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Setting In The West

Just a correction: Sanders has the right to remain in the campaign for as long as he wishes. My hope is for him to graciously step down (maybe at the convention) and work hard to help unify the party. We have a monster named Trump to defeat.

The Sanders campaign is setting in the west.  Sanders is a great guy who needs to realize it's over, that he fought a good fight, and when he loses the nomination, should wholeheartedly support Hillary Clinton and get behind the hard work to defeat Trump.  I have a feeling Sanders is not going to do this, and will create enormous division within the Democratic party.  He is a good man, and yet I feel he is now showing himself to (perhaps) be an egotist who will no know when to call in his chips.

Peaceful hippie friends, please do not come and key my car over my opinion here. There is a time when you have to accept loss graciously, stop dithering about nonexistent conspiracies, and stand behind the Democratic candidate when this is decided. It's very likely not going to be Sanders, sorry to say.  If he has some sort of Hail Mary moment at the last minute and becomes the nominee, I am happy to  stand by him 100 percent.  But it looks like this is not in the cards.

Some strong words now: if you decide to be a whiny little baby and "protest with your vote" by writing yourself, or Sanders, as a candidate, or pout in the corner and not vote at all because Sanders lost, then you might as well vote for Trump and make ready for the Fourth Reich.  Protest some other way, but please don't roll out a red carpet for The Fuhrer.

I considered Sanders for a long time.  I really did.  I ignored Facebook "news" and did a lot of my own research about both candidates. was very helpful in debunking crap about both the candidates.  One has to go about these things calmly and with painstaking consideration. My conclusion was that Sanders is promising pie in the sky and his rhetoric has increasingly devolved into attacks on Hilary Clinton. These deflect from answering just HOW he will bring all his massive changes to pass. This I still want to know.


Madam President, you have my vote and my support.  You are the ONLY one who has the ghost of a chance to defeat one of the most evil, bigoted men to ever run for the Presidency. And I pray that every Democrat sees the urgency of our need to hang together as a party: else we hang separately, as they say.

A Handy Dictionary

I know that the Trump Train is going to derail, but just in case it doesn't, here is a site that will prove quite handy during his dictatorship:

Newspeak dictionary

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I have been trying to work my way back to poetry again.  Until 2005, I was a fairly prolific poet.  90 percent of my literary magazine publications have been with poetry.

Poetry died for me in graduate school; it happened subtly and painfully. It was impossible for me to just cough up poems on demand.  Poems, for me, rush in like a mysterious force, a tether of some kind to creativity. I often feel like I offended the Muse of poetry or something, dramatic as that is.

So, tonight, I decided to start using the exercises in a book I really love, The Poet's Companion.  I am grateful that my treatment for bipolar disorder has eliminated my panic at sitting down to write.  I had that for many years.  So far, I have made a list of significant events in my life!  I feel as if I am a student in one of my creative writing classes.

I am plugging along with Asha's book, and am working on getting some interviews done before Thistle is out of school.

I am extremely glad that I may have a writing group now who will critique Asha's book.  The subject is so horrifying that I do not blame anyone for not wanting to read it.  The person who helped me get back into the group was so kind and encouraging, even answering my concern about the age of a few group members (late twenties). He said that it would be good to let younger people read the book, as their critiques might help me see if the book might be read by a larger audience.  I am grateful for his encouragement and kindness. I feel very solitary with this book and could use a little push.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Writing this on my cell phone, so I am just going to post a couple of pictures from my garden

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Hilary vs. Bernie, Part 3

Still can't find the meme someone (anonymously) sent me (assuming I am some sort of traitor for not voting for THEIR candidate--even though I could very well be voting for Bernie Sanders. It's this sort of knee-jerk craziness that bothers me about the Bernie camp).  I've included the picture at the bottom, which I have captioned, though the words were written in white on the original picture (which made me think of an athletic supporter--you will see why--but no matter).  I think the meme is vile and stupid.  It was sent to me by someone in my area; that is all I know.

My decision to not tell anyone who I am voting for, and not indicating one way or the other (by not going on and on about one candidate or other), has been a social experiment of sorts.

 It's enlightening to observe the peaceful and compassionate Sanders supporters act like a pack of rabid dogs against Clinton. I have never heard such vile language towards her, nor such absolute disrespect (and, of course, volleys of  unresearched facts that people see on Facebook and just throw out there as true.  Snopes is your good friend in terms of verifying what is said about both Sanders and Clinton).

Quite a few of the peaceful hippies of Santa Cruz (btw, I am at least sort of a hippie) have really shown their true colors in this way: petty, sexist, cruel, unable to entertain anyone else's viewpoint, and absolutely divisive.  I appreciate the few--very, very few--Sanders supporters who are courteous and willing to weigh the arguments of both candidates, calmly, rationally, and reasonably.  I've met two so far (just kidding, but these really are in the minority.

Next part of my personal social experiment: everyone I meet just assumes I am voting for Bernie Sanders.  Granted, I've said nothing at all about my choice of candidate (for all they know, I am voting for Sanders), but everyone I know--and I mean everyone--just assumes this by virtue of the fact that I live in Santa Cruz.  Not one person assumes I am voting for Hilary (though apparently the ones who think I am, feel free to send me pictures like the one at the end of this post).

I should think that, given my experience, the caption for the following picture could easily be reversed, given  my current experiences in my little corner of the world.

In future, I do not want pictures like this sent to me.  Thanks.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sanders v. Clinton memes

I wish I could find the meme link which was sent to me via my contact form yesterday, but I must have deep-sixed it: it is of Alien threatening Sigourney Weaver, and the caption is, "Hilary Supporter Meets Bernie Supporter."

Alien is apparently the Hilary fan. Sigourney Weaver is the Bernie fan.

At the risk of losing a reader, I think the intent was to imply that I am akin to Alien if I vote for Hilary. This is because I refuse to tell anyone who my Democratic candidate of choice is and I posted as such here.  I've had a lot of awful things said to me by Bernie supporters, but not quite like this.

I would wager Sanders himself, a tolerant and kind man, would condemn that meme as an embarrassment and completely against what he stands for, and might very well rip a new one for anyone who sends something like that out.

 I rather like being compared to Alien, thought: indestructible and fierce, why not? And I surely could use a thicker exoskeleton at times!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Voting for Sanders or Clinton, Part Two

My friends, I forgot to say in my last post about the election that I will support 100 percent the Democratic candidate for President, no matter what.
 And I am not going to be a whiney-baby "protester" and refrain from voting if my candidate of choicr loses the nomination in my state. You might as well cast a vote for the Republican candidate if you do that.

And please research news sources you post in support of your candidate of choice, especially with memes and articles posted on the eternal Facebook. Make sure they are not authored by organizations you do NOT want to support.

I do these things, too (last night I inadvertantly posted a picture of Earth as taken by the Hubble telescope. I am a very, very amateur astronomer and should know better). My friend told me to check Snopes. My bad: erase.